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Our bags are designed for women on the go. Women who want to make a difference in their lives and work. Women that want a bag that can easily go along with them when they are on the go. A stylish bag that wears easily. A bag that let’s you take everything with that you need. The reason we

Like the women that wear our bags we appreciate style, quality and easy of use. So our bags are designed just that way. Our designs are timeless, stylish and comfortable. All of our bags are handmade with eye for detail which make them personal. Just like a bag should be.

We believe in the power of ambition. Not only in our own lives but also in the live of others. That’s why we make our bags with people that want to make something out of their lives and who can use some help to do so. In our Atelier we work with people from all over the world that are new in The Netherlands and with inmates that want to work on their future. Skilled women and men with ambition. That’s how Studio.DAI makes bags for and by people with a story.

With the production, we give newcomers and prisoners an opportunity to develop themselves and make a valuable contribution to our society.


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